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We're not a company. We're not a startup.We're tax-paying grassroots advocates for people who ride. We ride scooters. We get around on bikes. We cruise on powered wheelchairs. We skateboard. We roll on hoverboards. Our wheels give us new ways to get around the city. And we demand safer public road space.

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More low-speed lanes

We advocate for the City of San Diego to create “mid-speed” road space so people from ages 8 to 80 can feel comfortable riding our streets — whether bike, scooter, powered chair, skateboard, or whatever they roll with.

Lower speed limits

We advocate for lower speed limits on San Diego streets, a proven strategy for lowering injury rates and saving lives.

Laws that protect

We seek traffic laws that enhance the safety of riders, not punish riders for avoiding dangerous street configurations. We oppose policies that protect the privileges of car drivers at the expense of other road users’ safety.

Educating leaders

We speak out in public forums to bring forward more voices in favor of creating space for scooters, bikes, power-chairs, and other mobility devices. And to bring awareness of the ecological and social value of mobility devices in general.

Fair distribution by companies

We push for better distribution of mobility devices so that communities of concern receive the benefits of access to scooters and bikes. We insist that companies and city agencies ensure mobility devices get wide distribution, not just in select neighborhoods.

Get involved.

Your experience and your voice can become a powerful force for transforming San Diego into a city with more options for safely getting around. Get on RideSD's mailing list to keep up with the latest.

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